We believe everyone deserves good credit!
Qualifying for your new car, home or personal loan is just the beginning! We teach you how to rebuild your credit on a solid foundation, and protect it!

What We Do For You

Now is the time to improve your credit score

Getting your credit fixed by the Good Credit Guys credit repair experts can increase your credit scores within 35-45 days!

-We believe everyone deserves good credit, and keeping your reports accurate at the credit bureaus is only the beginning. Being able to purchase a new home, car or qualify for a new job, remodeling or simply using your good credit is a great feeling!

-Good Credit Guys have added thousands of points to client’s credit reports since 2005 by repairing and restoring customers to better credit. Let us do the same for you!

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We are bonded and insured for your protection, registered with the State of Texas as a Credit Services Organization. It is our pleasure to explain every step of our service in detail, to make sure your comfortable with the process. Credit Repair Organizations (CSO’s) like Good Credit Guys know what it takes to dispute all inaccurate and negatives on your reports on your behalf, and it’s 100% legal and allowable by law. 99% of Good Credit Guys clients see 25-75 points added to their scores after a single round of disputes, usually in 35-45 days. However, all credit reports and situations differ, prior client results do not guarantee the same outcome for future clients. Please ask for details!
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