How long do negatives remain on my credit?

Late Payments:

Delinquencies from late credit card payments, store card payments, car or mortgage payments or any revolving account you have, may remain on file for seven years from the date of the initial missed payment. A single late payment reported on your credit reports can cost as much as 60 points. We dispute all late payments and make the credit bureaus prove their validity because they are so devastating to good scores.

Collection Accounts:

Most collection accounts will begin at the end of a 6 month period of late payments. Typically, they will remain on your reports for 7 years if not properly disputed. Many errors on credit reports are due to improper reporting of collection accounts. Once an account has gone into collection, paying them off will not remove them from your reports as one may think. While the debt may be eliminated, helping your debt/income ratio, it will still remain as a negative for all potential lenders to see.

Charge-off Accounts:

Paying off a charged off account will not remove it from your reports, and remain for 7 years, unless properly disproved and disputed. Since the original debt is sold to collection companies for pennies on the dollar, the collectors are very intense about trying to collect from you because the commission they receive by collecting your debt is huge. Most accounts that are charged off were sent to a collections company first, so they may actually appear twice or three times on your credit reports, which is technically not legal. We dispute all accounts that are negative, no matter how many times they appear on your reports.

Closed Accounts:

When closed accounts show up on your reports, it contributes to your credit history and age, which is not a bad thing. If the closed account was negative, we will dispute it’s validity to get it removed or updated to positive. While they may be reported for up to 10 years, most are easily removed.


These can remain on your credit reports for up to 10 years, depending on their status. Once the judgment or lien is paid off, it can still remain on your reports as a negative. We dispute all judgments and liens as many record keeping entities do not record and report the information correctly.

Hard Inquiries:

Most hard inquiries to view your credit scores will remain on your reports for two years. Some lenders will excessively inquire about your scores and value to several banks in order to attempt getting you approved. Car dealers and mortgage brokers can check your credit multiple times if you do not monitor them, costing you several points, and credit worthiness.

Soft Inquiries:

A ‘soft” inquiry is like taking a “peek” at your credit reports to see if anything drastic has changed. These will not impact your credit scores. They may be performed by your insurance company, employer or cable/phone companies to monitor your ability to pay them. Good Credit Guys will view your credit reports without causing an inquiry to occur.

Credit Repair FAQ’s

How long will it take Good Credit Guys to repair my credit?

The process is completed within 24 hours by Good Credit Guys, and then we wait on the three major credit bureaus to respond in 30-60 days. Most results come back within 35 days. Depending on how many items are on your credit reports, it make take longer, but our clients usually see 25-75 points added to their scores within the first dispute cycle.

Can paying off my collections or negative items repair my credit?

The credit reporting system doesn’t work that way.  When you pay an old debt, the negative credit listing doesn’t disappear. In fact, it re-ages and the seven year clock begins again with that same negative listing.  The most ironic thing is that a paid, current negative listing is not any better than an unpaid negative listing.  Let the Good Credit Guys update and dispute your items first, they may become positive or drop off your reports as invalid.

What can you take off of my credit bureau reports?

Inaccurate or unverifiable collections, charge-offs, repossessions, bankruptcies, medical bills, foreclosures, tax liens, civil liens, judgments, student loans, credit card debt, inquiries, late pays, debts due to divorce, old addresses and any incorrect personal name or address information.

Will the accounts you take off my credit bureau report ever come back?

On average, only 1 out of 10,000 may re-appear on your credit when we remove the account.  If an account is sold to another collection company at any time during the “life” of the negative account, it can actually appear twice, (which is not legal), and we would redispute both items at no additional charge, should that occur.

Why should I use a Credit Repair Company?

Finding a trusted credit restoration company can save months of frustration dealing with the three credit bureaus websites or customer service departments.  Many individuals have either already tried themselves with limited results, or made it worse by filing incorrectly.  Of course you can do it yourself, but why risk making errors?  Let the Good Credit Guys win for you!

We are bonded and insured for your protection, registered with the State of Texas as a Credit Services Organization. It is our pleasure to explain every step of our service in detail, to make sure your comfortable with the process. Credit Repair Organizations (CSO’s) like Good Credit Guys know what it takes to dispute all inaccurate and negatives on your reports on your behalf, and it’s 100% legal and allowable by law. 99% of Good Credit Guys clients see 25-75 points added to their scores after a single round of disputes, usually in 35-45 days. However, all credit reports and situations differ, prior client results do not guarantee the same outcome for future clients. Please ask for details!
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